CITTA’S Earthquake Relief + Rebuilding

CITTA Relief Efforts Continue in Rural Nepal Villages

CITTA Executive Director, Michael Daube, continues earthquake relief efforts in rural villages that have not yet been reached.

CITTA in Kathmandu for Earthquake Relief

CITTAs team has arrived in Kathmandu safely and are bringing relief and medical support to so many in need. Thank you to all who have been a part of supporting our efforts through your kind and immediate donations. Her are some of the photos over the past few days since we arrived. Shanku, Nepal, was hit hard by the earthquake. Dr. Christopher Barley, Dr. Sanjay Bhattachan and Dr. Dikshanta Prasai helped provide… Read More

CITTA Team in Kathmandu for Earthquake Relief

Nepal is desperately poor. Its hospitals are overcrowded with earthquake survivors who need urgent medical treatment, and the threat of infectious disease is real and mounting.