Aatmiya Women’s Center

CITTA Nepal Women’s Economic Development Center Lalitpur, Nepal The CITTA Himalaya Women’s Economic Development Center is located in CITTA’s Women’s Economic Development Center, locally named as Aatmiya Nepal (aatmiyawomen.org) is currently located in the heart of the artisanal district of Lalitpur, Nepal. Kathmandu Valley’s three major ancient cities; Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur, have melded into a mega-metropolitan area forming the greater Kathmandu area. Aatmiya is a social enterprise providing work for women… Read More

Limi Valley School

Humla District, Karnali Zone, Nepal Limi Valley is situated in the Northwestern region of Humla District. It is in the Karnali Zone of Nepal, nestled in a trans-Himalayan valley bordering the Tibetan Autonomous Region and consists of three ethnic Tibetan villages, Til, Waltse and Zang.  The nearly 2,000 inhabitants of the valley are a tribe of Tibetan origin. The Limi Valley is historically and culturally part of Tibet.  Its remote location in… Read More

sindhuli hospital

Dr. Christopher Barley Hospital in Sindhuli, Nepal Our new presence in Nepal will expand CITTA’s medical outreach to well over 100,000 villagers that have nowhere else to turn for medical care. From treating the common fever, to conducting pathology tests, and performing complicated surgeries, our hospitals are staffed and equipped to treat a wide range of desperately needed services. More to come!