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CITTA News and Press

CITTA News and Press

Limi Valley School

Please watch the latest video on our Limi Valley School Project in the Himalayas!

Architectural Digest

The Rajkumari Ratnavati Girls School
has been named
The AD 100 Building of the Year!


The Guardian

Yahoo News

Sabyasachi Mukherjee designs Ajrakh block print uniforms for underprivileged Jaisalmer Girls’ School.


The GYAAN Project 2019

The Atlantic

The Groups Fighting for Girls’ Education in India 

As the country grows rapidly, new initiatives are working against a host of obstacles in the hope of keeping young women in school.


Michael Daube CITTA desert

 “By economically engaging women, you are breaking the cycle that will continue to have repercussions on transactions around that relationship. Through better business, helping support women, and breaking the cycle of inequality, I’m hoping that we can place a committee of local women eventually on the school’s governing board and cooperative.”

Nepali Times

An American team that treated earthquake wounded turns a Japanese highway camp into Sindhuli’s newest hospital.

Trailer for ‘WAY OF LIFE’ Documentary
by David Driver

Watch the full documentary on Amazon Prime now!

Huffington Post


Interview with PMc Magazine, June 2011
Giving Back “A Renaissance Man”

A Conversation with Michael Daube
by Shaun Mader

June 2011

Speaking with Michael Daube, one gets a sense that his parents never handed him the rulebook for life. And if they did, he was clearly infused with the notion that the rules are made to be broken…


The Village Zendo

New CITTA Student Sponsorship Programs
Limi Valley, Nepal

Apolis Activist Profile 2010

“A Day in the Life of a Modern Activist”
by Shea Parton

Oprah Magazine, 2003

“Our approach is holistic. There is never just one aspect that allows a community to emerge from poverty.”

Emotion Studios

Video on Michael Daube, CITTA

Borgen Magazine

Tricycle: The Buddhist Review

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