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Our Heroes

Our Heroes

We would like to share a very special thank you to some of the people who have taken their time or energy to make an extraordinary difference in the success of our projects. People like you make all the difference in the world!

Lucy Barnes

Alec Bernard and Allie Wills (Bike for Good)

Mickey Boardman

Kat Bogacz

David Byrne

Marta Miquel Faig

Trudy Goldman

Roshi Joan Halifax

Diana Kellogg

Roshi Pat Enkiyo O’Hara

Larry Louie and Joanna Wong

Adelle Lutz

Peg Murray

Toby Mollins

Sachin Patel

Sharon Riddington and Marie Keegan

Bill Strong

Wanda Vivequin

Brigitte Vosse

students thank you lg