BUILDING OF THE YEAR 2021 AD100: ADxHansgroheMuse Design “Gold Winner” The Rajkumari Ratnavati Girls SchoolJaisalmer, India In rural Jaisalmer, girls face India’s most extreme social, economic, and geographic disadvantages in receiving an education. Education provides girls access to pursue economic freedom and autonomy. The value of education is not the norm in this region, where female infanticide and child marriage remain prominent. The GYAAN Center is a three-phase education project that aims… Read More

Juanga School

The Vivekananda Primary School and High School Juanga, Odisha, India In 1999, the largest cyclone to hit India in over 100 years ripped through the coastal region of Odisha for three days. This cyclone was in the same region where CITTA had been running the hospital since 1996, and it destroyed the few small government schools that existed. Odisha, one of the poorest states in India where only 10% of the local… Read More

Limi Valley School

Humla District, Karnali Zone, Nepal Limi Valley is situated in the Northwestern region of Humla District. It is in the Karnali Zone of Nepal, nestled in a trans-Himalayan valley bordering the Tibetan Autonomous Region and consists of three ethnic Tibetan villages, Til, Waltse and Zang.  The nearly 2,000 inhabitants of the valley are a tribe of Tibetan origin. The Limi Valley is historically and culturally part of Tibet.  Its remote location in… Read More