Juanga Hospital

The Michael A. Daube Charitable Trust Hospital Juanga, Odisha, India In 1998, CITTA opened its first hospital in Odisha, India, one of the poorest states in the country, serving a population of approximately 190,000 and home to most of India’s tribal Adavasi people. With the addition of now board president, Dr. Christopher Barley, a clinic started by founder Michael Daube expanded into a fully operational hospital. The hospital remains the only healthcare… Read More

sindhuli hospital

Dr. Christopher Barley Hospital in Sindhuli, Nepal Our new presence in Nepal will expand CITTA’s medical outreach to well over 100,000 villagers that have nowhere else to turn for medical care. From treating the common fever, to conducting pathology tests, and performing complicated surgeries, our hospitals are staffed and equipped to treat a wide range of desperately needed services. More to come!