DONATE to Classrooms and Furniture at the GYAAN Center

We did it!

The Jaisalmer Girls School is opening for excited students this December. Please help CITTA complete year one and furnish a classroom to welcome the very first class of 2021.

Choose a classroom to furnish below or make a donation to become a Founding Classroom Sponsor!

$1,500 per classroom is needed to purchase:
( 30 ) Student Desks and Chairs
( 1 ) Teacher’s Desk and Chair
( 2 ) Whiteboards

Each class is welcomed with a symbolic Ayurvedic Indian Flower carving over the door.

Furnish a classroom and be a part of the groundbreaking school building designed by architect Diana Kellogg.

Please CHOOSE A CLASSROOM to furnish!

Become a founding classroom sponsor with a donation of $10,000

$10,000 per classroom will fund uniforms, books, school supplies, and teachers’ salaries for a full year. 

Please email to learn about making a legacy donation on behalf of your family, company, organization, or loved one. Travel to Jaisalmer after lockdown and meet the students impacted by this program.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity

Checks payable to:
67 Hudson St #TH1
New York, NY 10013

EIN: 22-3609679
CITTA is a 501 (c)(3)

CITTA connects with communities in extremely remote areas of the world that lack access to proper healthcare, educational opportunities, and face significant obstacles to economic independence.

Girls in Rajasthan are subject to child marriages and a shockingly high rate of female infanticide. Unfortunately, this prevents many girls from obtaining an education at all. Any improvement in education and economic development for women living anywhere in the world needs to begin at a grassroots level, one community at a time.

This project seeks to make a large impact with a multi-faceted solution and a visionary design; completed by the all-female architect team at Diana Kellogg Architects.

Though Rajasthan is the third-largest Indian state with a population of 56,507,188 and a male literacy rate of 79%, it ranks the lowest in female literacy at 53%. 80% of Rajasthan’s population lives in rural areas such as Jaisalmer, where female literacy is 32%. This vicious cycle of female infanticide, child marriage, and lack of education leads the entire community, especially its women, into a life of poverty and unemployment. Girls in the rural Thar Desert of Jaisalmer face some of the most difficult obstacles in developing literacy, skills, and other educational opportunities in all of India.

The school will provide education for girls from Kindergarten through Class 8, with resources and mentorship for further study or work available. In another facility alongside the school, there will be local artisans providing skills training in a wide range of specialties for women creating opportunities to enter the workforce and preserving the handicraft trade. This fosters impactful economic independence through family income generation. The products of the women’s center and artisan museum will enhance the region’s tourism trade and lead the school to financial sustainability. We hope this method will inspire further movements elsewhere, and be tailored to meet the needs of communities throughout India and the world.