Watch the progress of the RAJKUMARI RATNAVATI GIRLS’ SCHOOL in Jaisalmer India!

Rendering of the school.

Constructed from local sandstone, the Girls’ School and Womens Center will address the need to educate girls and empower women from the neighboring villages of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. The oval forms reflect universal symbols of female strength. The structure replicates the undulating planes of the sand dunes and also serves as a metaphor for the rippling effect that education can have on impoverished areas. The intention is also to incorporate the traditional building methods in a modern design with the hope that the techniques will gain recognition and continue to flourish.

Aerial View, Jaisalmer, India

The land originally held only an existing hut with a fence around the property.

April, 2019, we begin to see the foundation and oval shape of the school:

After a few weeks of construction, the next step was the exterior walls of the school. These pictures were taken in May and the middle of June.

We will be posting new pictures soon!

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