COVID-19 Relief Fund


The world is watching while India is being devastated by a deadly second wave of COVID-19. CITTA is well situated in both Odisha and Rajasthan, two states in India most highly affected.

Already struggling in poverty and lacking infrastructure, healthcare is difficult to access on a normal day for millions of families in rural areas. Day-laborers and migrant workers from remote villages are left without food for their families or water for their animals to survive in the desert regions.

We have a plan!

Throughout 2020, CITTA has been connecting with the Dalit (untouchable) caste community in struggling villages. We’ve been supporting them through purchasing embroideries and textiles they wish to sell for our upcoming Textile Museum at the GYAAN Center in Jaisalmer. The Dalits collect the embroideries from all the villagers in need of support.

Now that events have become far worse, we are partnering with our Dalit connections to reach out to the poorest families. We will travel to approximately 600 remote villages along the desert region of Rajasthan’s western border. Each village has approximately 500 families with 4-5 members. Out of these, 100 families in each village are in extremely desperate need. That’s approximately 300,000 people! Animals suffering from dehydration number even more.

Funds raised will also be put to good use providing life-saving medical care at our rural hospitals in both Odisha and Nepal. These hospitals are the only hope to over 200,000 villagers!

With your support, our vaccinated staff is prepared to take on the fight against this deadly virus.

Below are some of the wonderful handicraft items created by the villagers that we have acquired so far!

These items will remain in Rajasthan to promote the local culture.
Learn more about the GYAAN Center

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